Thursday, September 13, 2012

Summer has come and gone...

The boys and I had a busy summer, our days were filled with trips to different parks, waterparks, playdates, etc. I purchased a tricycle for Jaxon from a garage sale, it has been the best $5.00 I have ever spent! He is on there for hours, he also can't ride it in the backyard, he has to ride it on the road, and can't ride without his helmet which I also purchased from the same garage sale for .50 cents. He can just barely touch the pedals but he can still motor on it pretty fast! He met a little boy who lives across the street who is three, they switch bikes and ride together for hours.

Huxley has changed so much the last few months. He has popped out two teeth, started crawling and can go from laying to sitting up all by himself. He has also started eating real food, he packs it away! He also fully enjoyed his fair share of sand, grass and pinecones!

We spent many days and evenings at the beach with friends, celebrating birthdays, new babies, and spending time with family. The boys spent many weekends at Grandma and Grandpa's house in Kelowna, and many days with Grandma and "Papa"  we even made a trip with Uncle Caleb to Vancouver so Huxley could meet Uncle Elliott, although it wasn't the best trip it was certainly a memorable one :)

All in all we had fun, the boys make the summer's so much more fun! I look forward to the fall, Huxley's first halloween, Jaxon's second birthday, and more!


Saturday, June 9, 2012

There is hope....

It has been a very busy month here at the Jackson/Hartney household! Jaxon is growing like crazy and has a mouthful of teeth (which he isn't afraid to use on Huxley!) Huxley to is growing at a rapid pace, this child is so long I put him in a twelve month sleeper the other day! He is also trying very hard to crawl when we lay him on his belly, he can get his knees up, but then gets frustrated and lays back down. He is also going to be an Olympic luge athelete, he gets his head right up and his legs right up almost in a pike position. It is so cute to watch him, he is so determined to move!

In general Jaxon is really good with Huxley, although he has his moments. Huxley has been hit on the head by Jaxon's hand, a coat hanger, and a tea light candle holder. Huxley was sitting in his bumbo on the table and Jaxon climbed up onto the table just to hit him, and last week he bit Hux's cheek :( so the sibling rivalary begins! Then 90% of the time Jaxon is so good, he will bring Huxley his bottle when he's crying, or if Hux drops a toy Jaxon will pick it up and give it to him, or sometimes Jaxon will just give Hux his Elmo to suck on. When I'm loading the kids in the car, Jaxon will try to pick up Hux's carseat telling me, Huckey, Huckey. So I guess there is hope for the two of them yet!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Proper Introduction

Looking back through my posts, it has mainly been about Jaxon, and I noticed that I hadn't properly introduced Huxley, so here is a little bit about my new little man :)

Huxley Edward Quinn Hartney, was born on Janurary 3, 2012 at 8:29am, by C-Section. The section was planned so no surprises, however I was quite sick and fainted right before I was supposed to go into the operating room. I honestly don't remember much, I remember the Doctor asking me if I wanted to see my baby and I said yes, but I don't remember actually doing so.

Huxley's name came to me before I was pregnant with him, and when a girlfriend had posted the name on Facebook as a potential for her little boy, it stuck with me. I facebooked her to ask if she was going to use Huxley and she said no so it was meant to be. Edward is Scott's grandfather's name as well as one of his middle names, and Quinn is my youngest brother Caleb's middle name. So both of our boys have one of my brother's names and both of Scott's grandfather's names, which are also both of Scott's middle names-ugh mouthfull! They both have good family names.

Huxley was 53cm long and weighed 7.9lbs, bigger than Jaxon is both ways but so thin, whereas Jaxon was built like a tank from day one! Huxley has fair skin, and hair and bright blue eyes, whereas Jaxon has dark hair and eyes. They don't really look alike, but do, if that makes sense. When he was born he had trouble reaching normal temperature so for the first day he was wrapped up tight and placed on a heating bed, by the next morning he had reached 36, but he still gets cold really fast and doesn't like it, he likes to be warm, wrapped up in blankets.

He is now three months old and he has the biggest smile, it lights up his whole face, he is super strong always wanting to stand, and has been sitting in the bumbo for about a month now. He sleeps through the night-amen! Loves the water just like his brother, and can eat. He really has added so much to our family, in a time that was quite dark and for that I am so

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Today Jaxon, Huxley, Scott, Mum, Auntie Lisen and I made our way to Memorial Park, for Jaxon's first Easter Egg hunt. Jaxon got his egg that was dropped from a bucket truck and we made our way to get our prize, however it didn't work like that! Although a little confusing at the beginining we were soon told that our eggs helped put us in different line ups for crafts and then they would be calling the numbers on the eggs later for a prize. So Jaxon painted a bag for craft, and looked for eggs in the hay, he found one all by himself! We then made our way to the stage to get our prize but our number didn't get called, so we made our way to the park and played for a little bit. As we were about to go home, we noticed people lining up and exchanging their eggs for candy, so we filled our bag with candy and headed home. Huxley was all smiles but Jaxon was pooped and fell asleep in the wagon. Good first egg hunt!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Proud Mama

As a Mum to a 16 month old and an eleven week old, I experience something new with them everyday! A few things that are happening in our house hold (that is probably the best thing ever to happen!) is Jaxon is pooping on the potty! The first time I sat him on there he pooped, I think I scared him with all my over the top praise I heaped on him but I think I was in shock! I was so proud, and now I ask him if he needs to go and he will lift up his shirt, then look at his belly then to me and say uh-oh and that is my queue to get him upstairs asap!

I along with Auntie Brittney took the boys Jaxon and Huxley as well as two other cuties to the swimming pool. This was Huxley's first time in the pool and he was so great, he smiled and kicked his legs it was heartwarming. He was wearing the same wetsuit that Jaxon used to wear, it really made me stop and reflect on how much Jaxon has grown and developed his own personality since he wore that little suit, and how much Huxley will grow and change in the next few months.

There are so many firsts that I will never get back with Jaxon and so many more to come with him and Hux. It makes me so proud that I get to experience all their firsts with them and how blessed I truly am that I am shaping this little human being. I never thought I would be so excited to see poop in toliet, but I have to say it was one of my proudest moments! ;)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Long Time!

It has been too long since I posted, so I thought I would give everyone an update. I went from one babee to two babees! Another beautiful boy came into our lives on January 3rd of this year. Huxley Edward Quinn Hartney, weighing a healthy 7lbs 91/2 ounces and measuring 53 cm. Huxley weighed and was longer than Jaxon, but he was so small, very long and very thin, whereas Jaxon was a tank....and still is!
Huxley is now ten weeks old, and going from one to two is total chaos! At the end of the day when I put my head on my pillow, I can't believe we made it through another day!
The boys have been the best thing I have ever done, and although its chaos most of the time, they both make me laugh everyday and bring nothing but blessings to my life.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Some New Pics

Jaxon feeding Mum and Don's new dog Emma
Daddy stuck lotion in his hair! He was so happy that night!
Being Cute!!

And being cute again....